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Attached Documents

The newest feature module in DLS Financials is the DOCs module where the users can add documents actually into the data file and attach them to the location record, account record, or the transaction record. The purpose of adding documents is so that you have a safe place to hold digital images of the documents within the data file. Because they are attached to records, it is easy to find the documents where you need them; while working within DLS Financials.

Documents attached to the location record could be the agreement form for participating in the pooled funds. Account documents could be the saving certificates or loan contracts and supporting materials. Transactions could hold the image of the check, scans of the invoice being paid, or the approval document for the transaction. Most anything can be added to the data and attached to a record.

Because the data folder should be getting backed up every night by the IT department, you are assured to always have a backup of the documents and their connections to the records. The orginals can be sent to the file room for long term storage and you don't need to clutter your desktop or server with folders to hold the electronic documents. Once in the data file, you can delete them from those locations and if you ever need to get the documents, you can just save it back to the hard drive from the data file.

When you attach your first document, the Attachments form will automatically pop-up for you to Add the first document. You can add as many documents as you wish of different types from PDF, DOC, EXCEL, GIF, TIFF, JPG, or other file types. Only image files will preview in the top of the form. The bottom comment area is add descriptions of the different documents attached to the record. All other files will just show the document type and application that will open it.

Add Documents Form

Add Documents Form/Documents List