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Our Support Policy

From the very beginning in 1993 the support philosophy was one of customer first. Hardware and software techs would provide their cell or home phones to the clients with support agreements and would accept calls from them day or night. The motto was "if the customer is working, we are working". This policy allowed The Computer Department, Inc to be well known around Springfield, IL as a company that you can count on.

When DLS started moving out of the area, this philosophy continued even though some clients were in different time zone and might call during breakfast or dinner time. It was not a problem to take time to listen to clients with any problems and give them assurances that the problem would be solved in a timely fashion. The most important part of customer support is just being there when they need help.

The second philosophy of customer service is to NOT make clients into ping-pong balls. Clients are advised to call us first if a program and hardware is not working together the way they should. By calling The Computer Department, Inc first, both hardware and software will diagnosis the problem and, if possible, fix it. If your IT department or other support services needs to be involved, you will not have to explain the situation to them as our techs will talk to those techs in a "techeez" dialect that most users don't know. You will not hear the phrase "it's a hardware problem; call them" or "it's a software problem; call them" and be hung up on!

We have all been there. Software will blame hardware and send you to them. Hardware will blame software and send you right back over to software. You feel like a ping-pong ball going back and forth. Why should the software tech tell you what is wrong with the hardware and have you call the hardware tech and try to explain it. Just connect the other tech and together all the techs can talk about the issue and work together no matter who's fault the problem is. The important thing is that you will get it fixed quickly!

In the past few years with COVID and ransomware starting to hit clients hard, this philosophy was put to the test. Calls for help were coming in at all sorts of non-traditional work hours because of the situations. No one got a busy signal and all calls were answered or responded to within a short period of time. Some at midnight... some on the weekends... even one on a holiday. All were helped when they needed the help and not just 9-5/M-F.

Office Workers

Support is provided 24/7 and not with just an answering service but with actual programmers that know about the program and what to do to solve it.