Online Access For DLS Financials

DLS Financials

Web Portal

The growing power of DLS Financials is the online web portal for the parish and schools to log in and view their accounts, print reports, download data, and soon to be able to apply for funds all online and sent directly to the main DLS program at the diocese.

Rather than printing statements, stuffing envelopes, paying for supplies, and postage, everthing can be done via the DLS Online web portal. The locations can simply log in and show the information on a big screen in the conference room and talk about the accounts and how to manage their funds. No longer do they need to print reports or copy the statements for each member in the committee to look at during the meeting. Everyone will be on the same page by simply pointing to the items on the screen that you are talking about.

The security of DLS Online is the same as most banking and sales website with SSL security and our platform is managed so that as soon as security patches are released the server is updated. With the automated upload every night, the data gets refreshed with the latest information for the next day. Uploads are monitored and if there is a problem, you will be notified so that another upload can be triggered anytime during the day.

Security can be set up to allow as many users and different levels that you wish. A user will have their own ID and PW and can be set up to view accounts in any of the locations that you wish to assign them. Rights to allow them to request or apply for funds can also be assigned to certain users.

Web Portal List of Accounts

Once logged on, the users can select from any account in their locations to view.

Web Portal Account Review Form

Every account has the information about the account, status, and transaction list. Menus for actions that can be done with the account is located here as well